Blaize App

App design • Interactive

Year: 2015
Role: Designer

Blaize targets those who strive to see their everyday world with fresh, scenic perspectives. It encourages pioneering, bravely exploring the world, and documenting unique discoveries. I designed one complete user flow through the app. 

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Upon opening Blaize, users will land on the feed, which shows inspiration posted by the community for new areas to explore. Users can simply tap on the photo of the location to find more information. 


Through the app, users can map areas they are exploring and record new sights along the way. There are photo pin and field notes features to help users store information during their journey. They can then be uploaded to their feed and shared. 


When users blaize their own trails and store the unique crevices they find, they add to the wealth of information from the community for that location. Their profile shows the contributions they made, and they can follow others to be inspired and make friends. The website acts as an extension of the app, showing a global map of locations that people blaize. Users can share their findings on social media, and the trending posts of the community are spotlighted. 

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