SurveyMonkey Campaign

Identity • Campaign • Digital

Created at: Eleven, Inc. 
Role: Designer, Art Director
Creative Director: Matthew Wakeman

As a part of a rebranding pitch for the online data collection company SurveyMonkey, I was one of the designers in charge of leading a visual direction proposal. This also included options for logo evolutions, a re-design of their current website, and a visual style for the campaign, all to be laid out on a comprehensive plotter. My direction was used in the pitch not sold.


The logo is a friendlier take on their current mark, with a more prominent checkmark sitting on the monkey's head. For the visual style, the client asked for a fresh update of the existing SurveyMonkey green. Yellow and blue are sparingly used as secondary colors for typography and certain affordances. The typography is optimized for web use and supports many languages. 


The goal for the brand was to communicate empowerment through curiosity, which is the benefit of taking a survey. In order to show people being powered by curiosity, I designed a campaign where data forms a frame of information around a person. It is meant to have a sophisticated, scientific look with thin vector lines and coded text.


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