World's End Winery 

Packaging design

Year: 2017

Role: Designer

World’s End is a garage wine label started by Jonathan Maltus in Napa Valley that caters to an older, more sophisticated audience. What makes this vineyard unique is its emphasis on mixing old world techniques with experimental, garagiste methods. Maltus’s label is built on the philosophy of two worlds colliding to form something new, and that story formed the basis for the redesign.


In order to adhere to an old world, apocalyptic visual concept, I borrowed the layout of an old star map. The new label contains two planets that represent old and new, with the center circle as the product of the collision. The colors of each wine label refer to the essence of the wine itself. The accompanying gift box and certain parts of the star map label are also lined with gold foil to give it an elevated quality.


World's EndPackaging design

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